Applying for an ExxonMobil Credit Card

  • Applying for an ExxonMobil Credit Card

    Q Is the online application secure?
    A Yes. Citibank uses one of the most secure encryption technologies available today.

    Q Are ExxonMobil credit card accounts revolving or non-revolving?
    A They offer revolving lines of credit, which permit cardmembers to pay the monthly minimum or pay in full.

    QWhat is the credit limit?
    A Your assigned credit limit will be based on your income and other factors.

    QWhy do you need my Social Security number?
    A It is used strictly for personal identification, to establish a consumer card account.
    (For a ExxonMobil Business Card, provide your Tax ID number.)

    QWhy do you need to know my income?
    A Your income will help determine your credit limit as well as establish your new credit card account.

    QIf an authorized user is added to the account, will their credit be checked as well?
    ANo. Since you're authorizing another person to use your credit card, there is no need to check their credit history.

    QHow long does it take to get approved for/receive my card?
    A Citibank will notify you within 30 days from receipt of the application. Provided your application is approved, you'll be sent your card in seven to ten business days.

    Q How do I earn my rebates with the ExxonMobil SmartCard Program?
    A You will receive statement credits based upon fuel purchases made with your ExxonMobil Smart Card at Exxon and Mobil locations within the United States. You will earn a credit of six cents ($.06) per gallon on fuel purchases. Gallons purchased will be considered for a credit in the billing cycle they are posted to your account. Credits will only be earned on fuel purchases made for personal, family or household purposes. Credits will be automatically posted to your monthly billing statement. Your account must remain open and current in order for you to earn credits. We decide whether your purchase is eligible for a credit, and our decision may be based upon the information provided to us about your purchase by the Exxon™ or Mobil™ station where your purchase was made. We reserve the right to make adjustments to credits you have received in the event an adjustment is issued with respect to your Exxon or Mobil fuel purchases.
    When calculating the amount of the credit, we will multiply the number of gallons purchased by six cents ($.06) and round to the nearest cent. In the event gallon information is not available for a specific transaction, we will determine the number of gallons purchased by dividing the total purchase amount by an average price per gallon amount obtained from the U.S. Department of Energy. We will use the average price per gallon from the U.S. Department of Energy for the specific grade of fuel purchased, or in the event the fuel grade information is not provided to us, we will use the average price per gallon amount from the U.S. Department of Energy for regular unleaded fuel. We may cancel, terminate or otherwise change the terms of the Rewards Program at any time for any reason upon thirty (30) days prior written notice. When you become a cardmember, you will receive the full ExxonMobil Smart Card Program Terms and Conditions.

Benefiting from Account Online

  • Benefiting from Account Online

    Q How do I register for Account Online?
    A It's easy. You can sign up now for Personal or Business access.

    Q What are the benefits of Account Online?
    A By signing up for Account Online, you'll enjoy fast and secure access to your account information any time online.

    • Review recent statements
    • Schedule payments
    • Pay your bill online
    • Update your account profile
    • Download easy-to-read reports

    QIs there a fee for Account Online?
    A Account Online is available at no additional cost.

    QIf I register for Account Online, will I still receive paper statements in the mail?
    A Registering for Account Online does not stop paper statements; however, you can enroll in paperless statements at the time of Account Online registration. You can also make changes to receive paperless statements by accessing the appropriate Account Online options any time after your account is registered.

Answers to specific questions about the ExxonMobil Business Card

  • Answers to specific questions about the ExxonMobil Business Card

    Q What does the ExxonMobil Business Card offer?
    A For no monthly fee, the ExxonMobil Business Card consolidates your vehicle-management paperwork on monthly statements that organize all your driver purchase information for you. In addition, you can manage your account and pay your bill online.

    QAre there administrative fees for the ExxonMobil Business Card?
    A There is no annual fee for the ExxonMobil Business Card. Terms and conditions apply.

    QIs tax-exempt billing available?
    A Yes. You should contact your local Department of Internal Revenue for help and answers regarding tax-exempt qualification and the necessary certification. If you are already tax-exempt certified, call us at 1-800-903-9966 for more information on how to get your account set up as tax exempt.

    QWhat are Single-Station cards?
    A With the Single-Station Card Option, multiple drivers can refuel at the Exxon or Mobil location you choose—without needing multiple cards.